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What is the best labeling solution for my business?

Grâce à notre solution économique, imprimez en toute autonomie vos étiquettes de prix

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Price tags, an indispensable item for both businesses and
customers, play an essential role within your point of sale.

Much more than just simple notices mentioning certain product
information, they act as reference points and allow consumers to
get the maximum data about your products in a single place.
Labeling is the perfect opportunity to share information with
customers at a key point in their shopping process.

Topics covered in the guide:

- What should an effective label contain?

- What indications should be included to reassure the customer?

- How to highlight promotions and news?

- Make your sales team operational 100%

- Better value its image

- Effective labeling for optimal turnover


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Labeling is an essential marketing tool that describes the benefits of your fresh products

Find in this guide the main keys to choose the best labelling solution adapted to your business:

  • Explanations of the types of tags available on the market: plastic, paper and electronic.
  • A comparison table of the existing solutions to understand what is the best quality/price/efficiency ratio

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